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The "Stars to Starfish" journey is a free field trip experience for elementary and middle school students, and serves as either an enhancement of the existing Riverview Planetarium field trip... or as a stand-alone marine/aquaculture/environmental science exploration experience. For those participants who select the enhancement, visitors and field trip participants first arrive at the Planetarium to view a 20 minute Riverview- created planetarium show called "Stars to Starfish". After the show, the participants are greeted by student interns who accompany all to the on-site 32' x 72' aquaculture facility to view the wondrous vastness and richness of diversity of the oceans. Upon arrival to the "AquaDome", the participants are split into groups and guided through a variety of interactive exhibits. Students become transfixed as they observe the anemone, a sea creature who, in a symbiotic relationship, serves the role of protector for egg-laying, monogamous clownfish (Marlin and Coral). Magic occurs when students have the opportunity to touch the saltwater invertebrates at the Touch Tank, or when feeding the fresh water tilapia and koi. The students are mesmerized to see the interns hand- feed the baby sharks, and then gently cradle them in their hands! In three minute rotations, participants are taught about sustainability and the importance of being environmental stewards while at the same time learning content pertaining to the Common Core Science Standards. The program content includes integrated curricula (Science, Engineering, Math, Art, Business Entrepreneurship). If more time in the aquaculture facility and grounds is preferred, upon request, the AquaDome can be selected as a stand-alone experience. Regardless of the selection, pre and post-tests are provided to teachers and the customization of the experience is possible. To remember their adventure, all visiting student and staff members each receive a "Star to Starfish" button!

Adopt A Tank

With our new Adopt-A-Tank program you are able to "adopt" any tank in the AquaDome. All proceeds from the adoption go directly to our program and will help keep our AquaDome in perfect condition. If you adopt a tank your name will be added to a plaque attached to your selected tank. You may also choose to remain anonymous. Please contact Ms. Rudge at if you have any comments, questions, or concerns and to send the tank adoption sign up form. Click here to adopt a tank.


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